Our books are never closed, but please read the information below before you submit your voice to us. We receive countless requests for representation on a weekly basis so it's important that you do your homework first and send us what we require to make an informed decision.

Step 1 - your demo

Do you have a professionally produced demo? If not, please don't call us, do your research, have a demo made and then follow the steps below. If you're looking for a demo then call the fabulous people over at The Voice Republic - they've been creating demos for actors for 15 years and continue to be at the top of their game.

Step 2 - listen

Listen to the voices on our books already. If we already have one or two voices similar to yours then the likelihood of us representing you is pretty low. However, if you think that we have a gap in our roster that you could fill then you can submit your voice to us.

Step 3 - submit

To submit your voice to us you must follow the procedure below in full. We do not accept representation requests via email - they will be automatically deleted.


Step 4 - patience

Be patient - we will not rush into making decisions about adding voices until we are 100% positive that they are right for our clients or potential clients. If we don't offer you representation it is most likely because we feel that you're not right for the kind of clients we work with.

Once a decision has been made we will not enter into any discussion about why we made that choice, again, we simply do not have the time. The voiceover world is highly competitive and thus we have to ensure the voiceover artists we represent are right for the current trends in advertising and other sectors.